Stream ‘n Screen: “The Perfect Host” (2010)

There are some movies that are just better when seen in the comfort of your own home. If it sucks, you can turn it off. If you’re scared, you can hide under your covers. And if it’s great, you can watch it all over again.  Netflix is a great way to discover old, new, andContinue reading “Stream ‘n Screen: “The Perfect Host” (2010)”

Eye Candy: Tarsem Singh’s “The Fall”

Aside from the fact that this 2006 masterpiece from director Tarsem Singh (Mirror Mirror, The Cell) is a visual triumph, it also stars Julliard grad, Lee Pace (TV’s Pushing Daisies,  Spielberg’s Lincoln) in one of his first major film roles. Not only is this film visually stunning, the story and the methods used to directContinue reading “Eye Candy: Tarsem Singh’s “The Fall””

Two By Two: Time Travel Edition (Somewhere in Time & Peggy Sue Got Married)

I could have gone the typical route in comparing time travel movies and done this with Back to the Future and something else; however, I think the comparison between these two movies is an interesting one.  Somewhere in Time deals with a man who deliberately tries to go back in time and use time travelContinue reading “Two By Two: Time Travel Edition (Somewhere in Time & Peggy Sue Got Married)”