IMDb STARmeter: Actor Jump-Start or Joke?

Amazing insight from an amazing teacher, casting director, and friend, Mr. Paul Russell.

Answers for Actors


Did you know that Domhnall Gleeson is the #1 IMDb STARmeter ranked actor for being a Taurus? Your either thinking, “Who???,” “What’s my astrological ranking on IMDb?,” or better yet, “Yeah, so what? I’m a Virgo.”

You’ve probably seen more than once in your social network newsfeed(s): “My IMDb STARmeter rank is…”

No one cares. Honestly. If you do, then your deluded ego is wasting energies on a website that’s part of’s Internet commerce behemoth.

Aside from actors tweeting that IMDb has placed them six million degrees closer to Kevin Bacon, no one cares how an actor’s extra work pay stubs have raised or plummeted your ‘industry ranking’ as determined by algorithms programmed by a silicon valley nerd. No one except perhaps’s CEO Jeff Bezos banking funds garnered via click-through-adverts and upgraded IMDbPro memberships. And parasites who offer STARmeter boosts (for a fee) to nudge ranking.

IMDb is…

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