#TheFaultInOurStars Trailer Is Out…and It’s AWESOME. #DFTBA

In case you haven’t heard of John Green, he is an author, and he wrote the best-selling novel, The Fault in Our Stars. Now, TIME magazine’s book of the year for 2012 has been made into a movie.  Green’s book is one of my favorites. I recommend it to everyone, and if you haven’t readContinue reading “#TheFaultInOurStars Trailer Is Out…and It’s AWESOME. #DFTBA”

#TaylorSwift Loses at Last Night’s #Grammys

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Girl, you gotta stop assuming things. You know what they say when you assume something?? That’s right, you kind of made an ass out of yourself, and the fans who thought you’d win album of the year. Sure, it was a momentary lapse in judgement. Maybe you forgot you were being filmed.Continue reading “#TaylorSwift Loses at Last Night’s #Grammys”

Putting My Professional Goals Out Into the #Universe

I’ve always had a lot professional goals. Sometimes, it just takes the courage to go after what you want no matter how frightened you are. This year, I really want to make changes for the better, especially after all of the things that negatively impacted my life last year. This year, I am trying toContinue reading “Putting My Professional Goals Out Into the #Universe”