Editing: Reels, Pull-Clips, & Post-Production

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I’ve been editing since the age of 12 when I started taking classes, and eventually working at a local television station where I’m originally from. There, I edited everything from news reels, to interviews. Since moving to NYC 12 years ago, I started editing my own demo reels, and editing for actor friends of mine.

Now I’m helping actors with their reels by using my experience in the industry as an actor, and by having the eye of an editor.

  • I think like a casting director. What will make you stand out from the crowd and show you off? They pretty much know within the first 5 seconds whether or not they want to continue watching.
  • Of course, I listen to you as a client, and provide what you want with specific scenes or edits.
  • I provide a quick turn around for a reasonable price of $150.00 per reel via Venmo or Paypal. A $25 DEPOSIT IS DUE AT TIME OF BOOKING.
  • The first re-edit is FREE. There is a $50 dollar fee for each additional re-edit. This includes adding additional scenes after a while, or re-editing the entire thing. All payments for re-edits will be done through PayPal by using the form provided below. 

If anyone needs a great acting reel. Stephanie Gould is YOUR GIRL! An accomplished actress & even sweeter person. Thanks Zack Abramowitz for the rec! Thank you so much Stephanie for making my first comedy/commerical reel! Can’t wait to add more as we continue to book roles! MANIFEST MANIFEST MANIFEST!

-Lauren Aparicio

I can attest to the timeliness, professionalism and wonderful creativity as a reel editor; Stephanie approaches each clip as an actor AND a professional viewer, highlighting not only your work as a performer, but uses the rhythm and tone of the scene to really support you, and build from clip to clip into wonderful compilation. Thanks Stephanie!

-Perri Yaniv

Thank you Stephanie!! For working so quickly and being awesome!

-Sarah Nedwek

These reels might look “simple” but she took the time to help me choose which clips would work best. And THEN behind the scenes she did so much editing magic to make everything flow nicely. Steph rocks and I just want you all to get your reels done by her 🙌

-Zack Abramowitz

Stephanie is brilliant, kind and hugely talented. A total package and complete joy to work with!

-Raoul Mongilardi


-Kemo Coleman


Additional Reel Editing

This is to pay Stephanie Gould for a reel deposit, full payment of reel (select 6 items to pay full $150), and/or additional reel editing,



Need a clip from a TV show? I got you covered. For $60 for every 5 clips, no matter what length, I can pull your work from various sites and edit them into a clip you can use for your reel, social media, IMDb, etc.


Just finished editing the short film, Next to the Gods written and directed by Raoul Mongilardi and produced by Brandon Cohen (BAC Talent) and Michael L Henderson (S.U.I.T.E. Media Productions)

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