Recently filmed a CO-STAR role in a popular Emmy & Golden Globe winning TV show. Details forthcoming. #BookedIt

Walk With Me  played a successful run at the Peoples Improv Theater in NYC from March-May 2017.

Stephanie was just starting to feel comfortable in her own skin when she had to learn to walk again at 13…all while going through puberty. Luckily, Leonardo DiCaprio was there to help push her along. Join writer/actor, Stephanie Gould as she tells her story of growing up with cerebral palsy and staying true to herself.

Sometimes, you gotta be broken  (literally) to become who you are.  Monologues of childhood, hallucinations, and self-acceptance.

 To book Stephanie for a performance of Walk With Me & a talk-back discussion about disability, please contact Gail Williamson at KMR & Associates. 

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