#GimmeShelter: @VanessaHudgens Shows Us Her Acting Chops. #VanessaHudgens #Surprises #Gigi #GigionBroadway

Yesterday, I watched a movie called Gimme Shelter on Netflix. I didn’t realize that Vanessa Hudgens was actually in the movie until I started it, and even then, I questioned whether or not it was her. Now, my only references to her work other than the High School Musical franchise, was Sucker Punch. That beingContinue reading “#GimmeShelter: @VanessaHudgens Shows Us Her Acting Chops. #VanessaHudgens #Surprises #Gigi #GigionBroadway”

Child of a Fairy Tale Character? Go to #EverAfterHigh #NetflixOriginals #Netflix #Mattel

The amount of puns and wordplay in the Netflix original series Ever After High, produced by the toy company Mattel, is a work of pure genius. Mattel also produces the sister series Monster High (which was produced first), making these merchandising campaigns to the tween market swift, easy, and profitable. The concept is easy: takeContinue reading “Child of a Fairy Tale Character? Go to #EverAfterHigh #NetflixOriginals #Netflix #Mattel”

All I Want for 2015 is #FriendsonNetflix and a #Hoverboard

If you’re like me, you woke up this morning (let’s be honest, this afternoon) and immediately realized two things: Friends is now available on Netflix, and hoverboards (from Back to the Future) should exist for real. There was only one problem: No one could actually find Friends on Netflix. It took me a while to actually findContinue reading “All I Want for 2015 is #FriendsonNetflix and a #Hoverboard”