Jam with #Jamendo. #Free #Music

There’s a site that provides creative commons music to the public to download and listen to for free. Sometimes, you can even use it for your YouTube videos and film projects depending on a particular artist’s regulations for distribution. On the website, the artists will put something that lists how they want their music to be used; like this:

You can copy, distribute, advertise and play this track as long as you:

  • Give credit to the artist
  • Don’t alter, transform or build upon this album
  • Don’t use this album for commercial purposes

It’s a great tool for singers and stand-up comedians to use to share their music.

For example, one of my favorite artists is ProleteR.  He’s an artist based in France who fuses jazz, hip-hop, instrumentals, and electroswing that’s energetic and super fun to listen to. You can download both his LP, Curses From Past Times, and his EP, Feeding the Lions, for free. Jamendo is  not only a wonderful resource for performers, it’s great for audiences to discover new and interesting music from all over the world.

“Look at This Stuff…Isn’t it Neat?”: The Daily Show, Malala Yousafzai, and taking a moment to be grateful for what we have.

When did we as a society put importance on the “stuff” we have? Well, it’s probably been around since the dawn of time, but in this modern age of YouTubers and Over-sharers, it is getting really annoying. Yes, I am guilty of watching a video or two of various tours of condos, rooms and houses, but I felt I needed to voice an opinion. We have too much stuff.

I saw an interview the other day with Malala Yousafzai and Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. In case you don’t know, Malala is the youngest person ever to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She is an advocate for Women’s rights and Education, and oh yes, she’s 16. A year ago, on October 9th 2012, the Taliban attempted to assassinate her. That’s right. They put a hit out on a 15 year old girl. Well guess what? She survived. She survived to not only tell her story, but write it down in a new book called “I am Malala.” It’s funny that if you think of your average American teenage girl, she’s probably watching a YouTube video about how to decorate for Halloween or do makeup. But, when I look at someone like Malala, she wrote a blog not about makeup or all her things, but the importance of her right to an education as a girl. Her passion, grace and sheer courage is inspiring and her name needs to be known. We need to teach our girls to emulate someone who embodies courage, peace and grace. We need to take a moment and yes, be grateful that we live in a society where we are able to have access to “stuff.” We need to be grateful that we lived today. That’s the stuff that I’m grateful for.