Being a Writer: Making Something Out of Nothing

Just like a painter, a writer takes an idea that is in their head, and puts it onto a blank page, slowly filling it up with words that paint a verbal picture. They weave words together and make a fabric that can be used to provide words of warmth and love. For the longest time, I have been writing, trying to convey my worldview in a way that people can relate to, learn from, and that’s fun in the process. Today, I taught myself that I can reach my goals. It sounds silly, but I had a goal of reaching 200 views in one day. It’s not that many people in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a start. Everything starts from nothing: humans, ideas, you name it. Creativity is everywhere and it can’t be ignored even if we tried to snuff it out. Mandy Patinkin has a great quote about writing: “I believe there’s a common ground in what all gifted writers write. It has to do with their wish to turn darkness into light.” That sentiment is true. I am so grateful that I am an actor AND a writer. I am able to communicate ideas in both mediums and make people aware of things they may have never have known. I am able to make people laugh as a comedian, writer, and an actor. I am able to bring joy. It is thanks to the many people who viewed my blog today and helped make my goal a reality. It is thanks to the Twitter followers I’ve gained, and those who have supported me, and believed in me. I am thankful for words; For the writers who came before me. Whether they were behind a computer, a typewriter, or held a quill in their hand, all writers have influenced the writers of today. I saw a psychic a few years ago just for kicks. She told me that in a past life I was a writer. Maybe I’m able to do something right in this current life, to correct whatever I did in my past life or something. I am making something out of nothing. Even with this blog post, it’s taking words and putting them on a blank page. So all in all, I want to end the day with saying THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!!

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