The Original Child Star: Shirley Temple

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Before Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made us laugh on Full House and became the youngest producers in history at the age of 6, and long before girls idolized Miley Cyrus for being Hannah Montana, there was the ultimate child star who started it all: Shirley Temple. And guess what? She grew up to be a stable, well-rounded adult who found success in the public sector as a politician. Not bad for a former child star. It goes to show you that not all child stars are washed-up, drug-addicted, and crazy. During the Great Depression, Shirley Temple was the go-to gal to raise the spirits of the American people. She was cute as a button, could sing, dance, and act all before she could read. She was so famous, that Gary Cooper, a screen legend in his own right, asked for her autograph when he met her on the first day of filming their movie Now and Forever (1934.) On April 23rd, she celebrated her 85th birthday. While she no longer acts, her influence over Hollywood today, and American culture is undeniable. She got to act with the biggest stars in the world, she even acted with Drew Barrymore’s grandfather, Lionel, in The Little Colonel. That movie has one of her most iconic scenes: the famous staircase tap dance with Bill Robinson:

So go on YouTube, and smile your heart out to the film classics that everyone should see at least once. Shirley Temple, thanks for all the great movies. And Happy Belated 85th Birthday! You are one of a kind!  Take a bow:

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