How #Showbusiness is Like #CandyCrushSaga

2 minutes

364254066_640We play it so much we find it hard to sleep at night without getting to the next level. It’s the most successful mobile app of all-time, and people have even been diagnosed as clinically addicted to it: CANDY CRUSH SAGA. I was thinking about this last night in my delirium at 3;00 in the morning because, come to think of it, show business is a lot like the popular candy app. In this business, like the game, some levels are going to seem easier than others. There will be times when we as actors book one gig after another just like going up the levels in Candy Crush. There will also be times when we’ll need a little nudge from friends and family to give us extra lives in order to move to the next stage, there will also be those damned people in the game that are like the gosh-darn chocolate fudge that smother your dreams and try to keep you from your goals. You can’t get to the next level by not meeting the task at hand. If the game wants you to “clear all the jelly” or “move all the ingredients to the bottom,” why would you waste your time trying to just match the same colors together?

We have to remember the objective of our personal journeys and what we need to do to meet our goals. Eventually, we will get to the next level, but occasionally, we’ll be stuck on the same level for months (seriously, I was stuck on level 65 for 4 months.) Not working sucks, but it’s the nature of the beast.  Dry spells are going to happen in this business, but with hard work and determination, along with some concentration and a little help from our friends, we will persevere and make it. No matter what your goal is in this business, it’s all attainable. Everyone’s Candy Crush Saga/Show biz journey is different. Embrace it.  Hopefully this post made sense. It totally made sense in my head. If you play Candy Crush, think about the parallels for a minute. Now if I could only get past Level 76…

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