Get “Eye of the Tiger” Ready on Your iPod…I’m in Training!! #JustDoIt

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I am doing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon D.C. 2014 in memory of my aunt, as well as in honor of my boyfriend’s mother who is currently battling lymphoma. The event in D.C. is specifically for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, with the proceeds going solely to that organization which is why I chose that event. Cancer sucks, and I want to do whatever I can to help those who are still impacted by this horrible disease. I have never been much of an athlete. Ask anyone in my family. Although, as a kid, I did play basketball for a bit, loved biking, and swimming. Over the years though, I have let my once active lifestyle fall by the wayside which is not okay by me. I have a personal goal of getting healthier and fit again. I also want to eradicate cancer once and for all. I will probably be one of those walk-runners.  It’s funny, because ever since I got back in town on Sunday, I’ve been seeing signs EVERYWHERE for Team In Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. And I mean everywhere. From the subways, to the ads on my computer. I don’t think it’s an accident either. Who knows what this journey will bring, but I’m glad I signed on for it. In honor of my radical life-change, here are some inspirational movies to help you meet your personal goals.

  1. Rocky (1976)
  2. Legally Blonde (2001)
  3. The Mighty Ducks (1992)
  4. The Sandlot (1993)
  5. The Hunger Games (2012)
  6. Without Limits (1998)
  7. Miracle (2004)
  8. The Next Karate Kid (1993)
  9. Girlfight (2000)
  10. Whip it (2009)
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