If I Could Turn Back Time: Words to My Younger Self

1 minute

If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t worry about what the “theys” in the business think. I wouldn’t be consumed with self-doubt because of what”they” thought.  If I could turn back time, I would not wish to be the ingenue, I would be different and that would be okay. If I could turn back time, I would tell my younger self, that it’s okay to go after your dreams. It’s okay to have self-doubt, everybody does in this business. The important thing though, is to not be consumed by it. Even now, I have doubts, but I learn to move past them. Sometimes it’s difficult to do, I know. Any performer, whether they are an actor, a dancer, or a musician, has their doubts. There are always going to be people who can do things that you can’t. But that rule can also be reversed. You can do things as a performer that others cannot. It’s okay to be the funny one, that’s what you’re good at. It’s okay to want to pursue bigger and better things, it’ll keep you sharp. Practice everyday. Work on monologues, work on scenes, work on a line, a moment, a look. Work everyday. Work hard. Work smart. Give yourself homework. Go to auditions when you really fit the role–you’re specific–so use that gift. Tell a story–good, bad, or ugly–don’t be afraid to tell a story. Tell your own story, tell others stories. But, never stop being an interpreter. Never stop being a vessel for the story. Act your heart out. It’ll pay off. You just have to believe in yourself.

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