The Need for Finding Your “Artist’s Way”

A long time ago, back before the age of Twitter and Instagram, while Facebook was still in its infancy,  I took a creativity course in college. Yes, a creativity course. In that course, we used several books, one of which was Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Considered a “self-help” book to aide people with artistic creative recovery, it helps them make a spiritual connection with their creativity. I have always thought that there was an innate spiritual connection to creativity anyways. The book just helps people unleash their inner creative child. Those of us in the arts, especially acting, have a deep connection to our inner child. It’s a 12 week course that I did, twice in a row because I used the book at Circle In the Square Theatre School. Each time helped me notice something different about my relationship to my creativity.

Recently, I have been referencing it more frequently, writing down ideas in a journal in the morning, and having artist dates by doing something that makes me happy creatively. I have been working on more monologues, writing more blog posts, working on writing my play, and staying creative because I am scared of losing my passion. Even if you are not in a creative field, I think it’s important to have an outlet. I recommend the book to anyone, no matter what their profession is. If you liked to draw as a kid, do it now. If you liked to play the guitar, pick it up again and strum. Do what makes you truly happy. Art in any form, can be therapeutic. It can help you find your way.

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