Goals for 2017

Last year, despite what was going on in the country and the world (that’s another blog post for another blog and time) I’d say 2016 was a good year professionally for me. As we enter 2017, I have so many goals I want to meet.Because of the strides I took last year, I am confident that this year will 1000 times better. Last year, it was important for me to make connections, and I did. I got into rooms with casting directors I would have never imagined I would because I have an awesome agent and manager who are in my corner. I was able to hone my audition skills. My solo show premiered at SOLOCOM in November, and will be returning to the PIT in March, April, and May. Plus, I’m already off to a good audition start this year with a film audition I had 5 days ago. So, I’d say that 2017 is going to be about using what I learned last year, and putting all that knowledge and skill I acquired to work. Happy New Year Everyone!

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