I See Myself: The Power of Theater and Working on “Richard III” #Shakespeare #Actor #DisabilityAwareness

Oftentimes when we watch television, a film, or go to the theater, we are made to think. We see representations of various characters, and more than likely, we can see parts of ourselves in them. When you are a differently-abled actor, those opportunities to view an actual portrayal of yourself are few and far between.Continue reading “I See Myself: The Power of Theater and Working on “Richard III” #Shakespeare #Actor #DisabilityAwareness”

Taking Advantage of a “Career Lull”: Using My Words

What do I have in common with Steve Martin, Tina Fey, James Franco, and Andrew McCarthy? We’re actors who are also writers. You read that correctly, Andrew McCarthy is, in fact, a writer. He’s an award-winning travel writer. Check out some of his stuff on National Geographic Traveler. Now, I’m not talking about actors whoContinue reading “Taking Advantage of a “Career Lull”: Using My Words”

Shakespeare Reworked: “Scotland, PA”-The Modern Macbeth

In honor of Macbeth coming back to Broadway with Alan Cumming at its helm, I’m doing a new section called “Shakespeare Reworked.” Whether it’s an updated, modern version of his work such as the 1996 Romeo + Juliet with the original language in tact, or a modern re-telling such as Scotland, PA or She’s theContinue reading “Shakespeare Reworked: “Scotland, PA”-The Modern Macbeth”