Are We Going to Be Watching Another Downfall? #LindsayLohan #Oprah #Documentary #OWN

Seriously, are we going to be watching another downfall? Is Lindsay Lohan going to clean up her act, and according to Oprah, “cut the bull—-?” Lindsay, LiLo, girl seriously, if it’s your LAST shot at doing what you love, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to help make things easier? If that means going to AA Meetings and getting sober, and you know that will help you–do it. But again, things are easier said than done.  It’s going to be interesting to see Lindsay Lohan attempt to have her life documented while trying to get the sober-happy part of her life back. Honestly, it looks very intriguing. I’ve always thought that Lindsay Lohan had acting talent, and that her personal problems seeped over to her professional life, making her career take several hits along the way. I am also rooting for her to succeed. I want her to clean up her act. I want to see her succeed. I, like Oprah, want her to, “cut the bull—-” and get her life and career back to where it should be. Ten years ago, she was in the mega-hit Mean Girls. Now, with Oprah at her side, she is in a new documentary series on OWN titled Lindsay. Is she doing it for the attention? I’m not sure. Is she doing it thinking it might get her career ignited again? Who knows? Is she doing it to get her life back on track? I hope so. I really do. If anyone can help Lindsay Lohan become fabulous again it’s Oprah.

Thirsty Thursday: “Smashed” (2012)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul in “Smashed” (2012)

The thing with being drunk on film is that it’s not about playing “drunk.” It is about the need to conceal the fact that your character is drunk. When we cry, we often try to hold it back; and when we’re drunk, we try to appear as normal as possible. Sometimes, people forget that fact, and try to play the fact that a character is drunk.  Case in point: In one of her earliest films, Mystic Pizza (1988,) Julia Roberts and friends steal a six pack of beer. After about ONE sip, Roberts is acting drunk. There is also the stereotypical “funny drunk” that many people seem to play. Sixteen Candles(1984) and any teen movie seem to utilize this method of showing  someone as drunk.

Then, there are the movies where alcohol is the main focal point of the character’s life.  The film Smashed (2012) deals with drinking on film as its  focal point: A married couple whose bond is built on a mutual love of alcohol gets their relationship put to the test when the wife decides to get sober.

It’s a great film that deals with the specific problem of alcoholism and being drunk. It doesn’t glamorize it, or make it appealing or funny. It tells it how it really is. Troubling, sad, and fixable.It’s a film worth seeing.  It features Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, Husband and wife duo Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally, and great performances.

For more information on dealing with alcoholism if needed, go to Alcoholics Anonymous.