One Day I Want to Work With: Michael Shannon


He got an Oscar nod for Revolutionary Road, starred in everything from big budget blockbusters like Man of Steel, to indie films like Take Shelter, and still finds time to get back to his theatrical roots onstage in NYC. Michael Shannon has been one of my favorite actors since I saw him in 2006’s adaptation of Tracy Letts’ play Bug. Like most actors, I have a list. My fellow actors will know it well. It’s a mental list comprised of people we dream of working with. We want to act with talented people. We want to spar with them, connect with them, act our hearts out with them. Well, he’s one of those actors. He’s on my list. Boy he’s one of those actors that just makes me go, “I want to study more. I want to get even better. I want to get to be as good as him/her.” His subtly in  Revolutionary Road was so good, that there were moments where I forgot he was playing a character.  He has a range that is hard to match nowadays and is someone who knows when to get back on the boards (the stage) and stretch his acting muscles to keep them sharp.

Everyone has someone who they want to work with. I love working with interesting actors who make me want to strive to be better. As a character actress, I love watching other character actors. I love wanting to push myself to not necessarily be like the actor I admire, but emulate the kind of intricate characteristics that make up the people they play. Michael Shannon’s performances are complex and it’s those complexities that make him a fantastic actor.  Michael Shannon, if you ever read this, I want to work with you. Seriously. We need to make this happen.



MOS_Facebook_1sheetFirst things first. Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. Life tends to get a little hectic sometimes. Anyways, I saw Man of Steel the day it opened with my boyfriend and we both LOVED it. Superheroes have always fascinated me.  From a psychological standpoint, to a spiritual one, to just plain enjoying them because they are entertaining, the myth of superheroes has always been one of my favorite things. I was so into Wonder Woman as a kid, that I dressed up as her when I was 5 years old for Halloween. Somewhere, there is a picture and video of it too. The Man of Steel himself, Clark Kent, is other-worldly. Literally. Although, because he was raised on Earth, he has a human side too. I think this is what adds to his appeal as a character. We can aspire, admire and relate to Superman/Clark Kent. I have personal reasons for loving my fair share of super heroes which I won’t divulge quite yet, but in general, they seem to be the epitome of strength and (unless they are evil) have good moral characters. Superman has a moral compass. That’s what makes him human too (though not literally.) In the film, one character even states that “evolution always trumps morality.” It was proven in the end to be false, but it’s quite a question to ponder. Does evolution over-ride morality?

The new film adaptation is fantastic. The acting can be cheesy sometimes, but honestly, I expected that. It’s not like we’re dealing with reality here. Personally, I thought the casting was great with Henry Cavill donning the cape to play Superman. And let me tell you, his acting is great too. I’ll be honest though, the ladies in the audience will be more than happy with him just looking smoldering hot onscreen. Amy Adams playing Lois Lane isn’t really a surprise either, but apparently, this is the third time she’s had to audition to play Lois in a movie version. The first was a un-made movie with Matt Bomer (from TV’s White Collar) and the second was the 2006 movie Superman Returns with Brandon Routh at the helm. I’m glad she was given the opportunity to play Lois Lane and I can’t wait for the sequel. Given the success of opening day and opening weekend, there is going to be sequel.