Marketing Genius: Commercials & Word of Mouth

I’m looking into a new computer because mine’s on its last legs. In doing research, I’m taking into consideration a lot of factors. Price point, reliability, even size and weight are important. In the past week, it seems everywhere I turn, people in cafes, libraries, even in the park, all have Macbooks. It’s like  aContinue reading “Marketing Genius: Commercials & Word of Mouth”

Two By Two: The Revenge of Julia and JLo

Back in the day, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lopez actually acted. Like legit, acted. And, back in the day, they both made the same crappy movie–a decade apart. Well, not the same movie. But 2002’s Enough was definitely a rip-off of 1991’s Sleeping with the Enemy. All they did was add a kid to theContinue reading “Two By Two: The Revenge of Julia and JLo”