Someone Build a #TimeMachine and Give #LaurenGraham All of the Awards for #GilmoreGirls. #Seriously

2002 was the only year that Lauren Graham was nominated for a Golden Globe. That is a travesty to the acting profession. To this day, her work on both Gilmore Girls and NBC’s Parenthood (which is in its final season,) has pretty much been overlooked by critics. However, audience members, myself included, have certainly known of her massive talent for years. Graduating from Barnard College (Columbia University) with a B.A. in English, and her MFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University, she certainly had the training under her belt, and a wealth of experience long before Gilmore Girls hit the airwaves. However, when GG was finally brought to life, there was no better person to handle the fast-paced, complex, and witty dialogue of writer/creator Amy Sherman-Palladino than Lauren Graham.

Breathing life into Lorelai Gilmore, Graham demonstrated her extensive emotional range and comedic skills during its seven year run. Even seven years later, her acting on Gilmore Girls is still some of the best acting I’ve seen on television. She should have won an Emmy, she should have won a Golden Globe. Maybe, we can retroactively give her all the awards from the 2000s. If you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls before, sign on to Netflix and binge-watch the entire series. Do it now! You won’t regret it.

James Spader Gets on the “Blacklist”

James Spader in "The Blacklist" on NBC.
James Spader in “The Blacklist” on NBC.

I was watching my normal YouTube channels that I subscribe to the other day, when I saw the trailer for a new series from NBC starring James Spader called, Blacklist. Holy moly, did I freak out because of its awesomeness. And I just found this out: It films in New York. I have to see if I can get on this show. Like, now. Seriously. What do I need to do? It co-stars Megan Boone, I’ve never heard of, but apparently, she was a regular on Law & Order: LA, so I think she has the whole, “I’m a government official” thing down. What I’m really eager to see is James Spader as a hardened criminal. I knew there was something behind all those snarky, egotistical characters he played in the 80’s. Now, after starring on Boston Legal, he goes to the opposite side of the law in this show.  Spader  plays Raymond “Red” Reddington, the most wanted man in the world, who has willingly surrendered himself to authorities and has revealed he compiled a list of that includes everyone from politicians, to mobsters and terrorists: The Blacklist. It seems like NBC took a cue from Fox’s new hit show, The Following, starring another 80’s heartthrob, Kevin Bacon. I’m not sure if executives really thought out the title of the show though. If it completely goes up in smoke, the media can use the title to their advantage. However, something tells me that NBC may have a new hit show on their hands. It looks intriguing, and I thought it had elements of Silence of the Lambs that will make it thrilling to watch. Watch out Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling, there’s a new criminal/agent duo in town.

Take a look at the trailer:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The “Law & Order: SVU” Guest Spot

Actors Reg E. Cathey & Dean Winters on “Law & Order: SVU”

Many actors (some of my friends included) have appeared on television series. Sometimes they appear on the same show more than once as different characters. I am specifically talking about  Law & Order SVU, which just happens to be one of my favorite shows. It has been one of my personal goals to get on the show for the past five years to be on the show  (Philip Huffman, seriously, I’m still around. Once you have the right role for me, call me.) The Law & Order franchise has always been famous for reusing actors in different facets. Diane Neal, who played A.D.A. Casey Novak, first appeared on the show in a 2001 episode called “Ridicule.”  One of the guest stars, Reg E. Cathey,  in the most recent episode entitled “Undercover Blue” has appeared on all of the various incarnations of Law & Order. He first appeared in an  SVU episode in 2008 playing an undercover cop. Since then, he has appeared in four episodes as an attorney. I have a friend whom I did the play Trailerville, has appeared on the show twice. P.J. Marshall first appeared in a 2001 episode as a homeless man. He had what is known as an “Under 5” which literally means the role is under five lines.  A year later, he appeared in the episode “Mother” playing one of the lead guest stars. There are so many people who have appeared on the various different shows as completely different people I can’t even list them all.

I am happy that actors are getting work. It’s great. YAY for employment. However, I think that I could have swapped out   actors who have appeared on the show more than once with several actor friends that I know. Hell, sometimes I look on the screen and say, “I could have done THAT. Geez.” I think that we need to have more diversity in casting. That includes the tendency to reuse people in different roles. Do they think that we don’t notice? Avid fans of the show certainly do. New York has wonderful actors. Dear casting people, give us other people a chance. Thanks.