In Rememberance of Lisa, My Beloved Aunt.

Nine days ago, on November 10, 2013, I lost one of the most important and influential women in my life. My auntie Lisa lost her 15 month battle with acute myeloid leukemia (AML,) which is a type of blood cancer. She was 52.  Only a month and a half earlier, we lost my grandfather suddenlyContinue reading “In Rememberance of Lisa, My Beloved Aunt.”

The De-Stress Show That’s #TooCute to Handle

After Monday ends, and the stress of the work week starts, you got to come home and relax.  What better way to relieve your frustrations than watching adorable animals? Especially baby animals. There’s a show I discovered on Netflix Instant last night and I’m currently binge-watching the cuteness that unfolds. Animal Planet’s Too Cute isContinue reading “The De-Stress Show That’s #TooCute to Handle”