#TaylorSwift Loses at Last Night’s #Grammys

Taylor Swift

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Girl, you gotta stop assuming things. You know what they say when you assume something?? That’s right, you kind of made an ass out of yourself, and the fans who thought you’d win album of the year. Sure, it was a momentary lapse in judgement. Maybe you forgot you were being filmed. Maybe you’re just super cocky and think you’re gong to win all the time. I can’t figure it out. Maybe  the Grammys were too nice to you straight out of the gate, and you just think they’ll keep rewarding your efforts. I mean, it was just embarrassing at the  end of the day. Sorry Taylor. I know it’s upsetting to lose, but you gotta take the good with the bad. You did a good job performing though. Headbanging will probably make a comeback, so thanks for that. You’re talented, there’s no denying that. Be grateful for what you have.  Smile and clap. Smile and clap.

 Also, there are the dudes next to you who look like they’re going to have a heart attack.

#OrangeistheNewBlack is All the Rage and #Netflix #Gold

orange-is-the-new-black-logoOrange is the New Black went live on Netflix with its first season on July 11th. Within days, it became a hit. And, within days, the colorful cast of characters who live within the walls of the prison with the protagonist, Piper Chapman, became household names.  Red, Crazy Eyes, Pornstache, and Taystee all mean something to you if you’re watching the show. The amount of fabulous character actresses on this show is insane and it’s unbelievably entertaining. There are also inside references to American Pie (because of Jason Biggs and Natasha Leone, respectfully) and Star Trek (Kate Mulgrew played Captain Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager. ) If you don’t have Netflix, get it. It’s worth it just to be able to binge-watch all 13 episodes of the first season. The show has been adapted from the memoir of an ex-con and Smith educated woman, Piper Kerman, who served 13 of her 15 month sentence in a federal prison for money laundering and drug trafficking. Even though it’s inspired by true events, the mix of reality and the world of the show is well balanced. It may seem intense. But leave it up to creator Jenji Kohan of Weeds fame to help add a little humor to prison. The characters are the real deal, including the actors who play them. It’s so wonderful to see a show where the writing is funny AND smart and the cast is predominantly female.  Netflix has really stepped up their game in recent years with original online-only content. This show is the reason to join the millions of subscribers.


Work Week Woes: “Office Space” (1999)

For all of you who are frustrated and need something  funny for the week:

From IMDB:The iconic red stapler coveted by Milton was created for the film by the prop department. They needed a bright enough color to be seen on film and chose red. After the film was released, Swingline began to receive requests from customers for red staplers. Having stopped offering red a number of years before, they made the decision to start offering the color once more.