#EmmyNoms: Just How Many Characters Does @TatianaMaslany Have to Play to Get an #EmmyNod? #CloneClub


I’m going to be living up to part of my blog name this morning and going on a little rant. After all, this IS RantsReviewsandReels. The 2014 Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and it begs the question that rabid fans of the show Orphan Black have been shouting from their rooftops: HOW?! How was Tatiana Maslany, who just WON the Critic’s Choice Award for best  actress, NOT nominated for an Emmy?! How? More importantly, why? Who was it on the Best Actress in a Drama list to bump her off? Fans of the show who have been devoted watchers from the start, or even more recent converts were SHOCKED this morning. Even Entertainment Weekly said it best: How many different characters does Tatiana Maslany have to play to score an Emmy nomination? Seriously now, how many characters does it take? She’s already been playing 5 regular clone characters since season 1, and they added more for season 2. To top it all off, ALL of them have different personalities, looks, and one of them is even a female to male transgender character all of whom are played by ONE actress. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Tatiana Maslany’s performance on Orphan Black is some of the best acting I have ever seen. Ever. And if you thought her playing different characters was a trip, try playing a character who is pretending to be someone else who is pretending to be someone else. Then, there’s the technical aspect of acting with acting doubles, tennis balls, and then nothing–literally nothing, and giving a full-out believable performance. Season 2 was quite a ride, and I can only guess which episode the Orphan Black team submitted for Emmy consideration, as it only got more complex. But seriously, given the other actresses on that list, no one can hold a candle to the work that Maslany does. She would need her own category, and about seven different Emmys to take home.

The New Standard: #OrphanBlack Changes the Way Actors Look at Acting


BBC America has always pushed the envelope when it comes to programming. From imports like Doctor Who and Sherlock to its original content like Copper,  it has some of the best shows on television. The new show Orphan Black which premiered in March of this year, is an actor’s dream job. Star Tatiana Maslany plays seven, count’em, SEVEN DIFFERENT characters. Much of the time, she is acting against herself. Her approach is reminiscent of the chameleon-like qualities of Meryl Streep, with the visceral intuitiveness of Angelina Jolie. Here’s the catch though. Her training is heavily improv based. Acting throughout her native Canada as a child, she became involved with an improv troupe and acted with them for ten years. As an actor, I think the series, especially the first season, is a master class for other actors. Watching the show makes me want to study more and work harder at my craft. Honestly, it makes me want to hone my skills as an actor and I don’t think any television show has done that for me.  Tatiana Maslany is definitely an actor’s actor. The characters are so vastly different that people may forget that they are watching the same person act. It’s amazing, and honestly, I can’t talk much about details without giving away the plot. But check out the clips below: