Who Knew? @RealLeaDelaria Can SING!!!!!!!! Go #BigBoo!!

I was watching interviews featuring the cast of Orange is the New Black, after finishing the second season in its entirety and came across something interesting. Cast mates were complimenting each other’s singing skills, and Lea Delaria’s name came up. Delaria, who plays “Big Boo” on the show has been an actor, stand-up comic, actor,Continue reading “Who Knew? @RealLeaDelaria Can SING!!!!!!!! Go #BigBoo!!”

#OrangeistheNewBlack is All the Rage and #Netflix #Gold

Orange is the New Black went live on Netflix with its first season on July 11th. Within days, it became a hit. And, within days, the colorful cast of characters who live within the walls of the prison with the protagonist, Piper Chapman, became household names.  Red, Crazy Eyes, Pornstache, and Taystee all mean something toContinue reading “#OrangeistheNewBlack is All the Rage and #Netflix #Gold”