Actor Wears Costume. World Freaks Out. #BenAffleck as #Batman

Ever since the birth of drama, actors have worn costumes. In Shakespeare’s day, men dressed in drag and played women. Today, Superman vs. Batman director, Zach Snyder, released the first photo of actor Ben Affleck donning the famous bat suit. Lots of actors have played Batman. Most recently, Christian Bale played the dark knight inContinue reading “Actor Wears Costume. World Freaks Out. #BenAffleck as #Batman”

James Spader Gets on the “Blacklist”

I was watching my normal YouTube channels that I subscribe to the other day, when I saw the trailer for a new series from NBC starring James Spader called, Blacklist. Holy moly, did I freak out because of its awesomeness. And I just found this out: It films in New York. I have to seeContinue reading “James Spader Gets on the “Blacklist””

Taking Advantage of a “Career Lull”: Using My Words

What do I have in common with Steve Martin, Tina Fey, James Franco, and Andrew McCarthy? We’re actors who are also writers. You read that correctly, Andrew McCarthy is, in fact, a writer. He’s an award-winning travel writer. Check out some of his stuff on National Geographic Traveler. Now, I’m not talking about actors whoContinue reading “Taking Advantage of a “Career Lull”: Using My Words”