Matinée at the Met: @ABTBallet Performance of “Giselle” starring @IsabellaABT

A Matinée is an afternoon performance. They’ve always been a favorite of mine as an actor.  Performing on two-show days can be exhausting, but well worth it in the end. Today, I went to a 2:00 p.m. performance of Giselle. That performance just so happened to mark the NY debut of ABT soloist, Isabella Boylston inContinue reading “Matinée at the Met: @ABTBallet Performance of “Giselle” starring @IsabellaABT”

The Original Child Star: Shirley Temple

Before Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made us laugh on Full House and became the youngest producers in history at the age of 6, and long before girls idolized Miley Cyrus for being Hannah Montana, there was the ultimate child star who started it all: Shirley Temple. And guess what? She grew up to be aContinue reading “The Original Child Star: Shirley Temple”