Taking Advantage of a “Career Lull”: Using My Words

What do I have in common with Steve Martin, Tina Fey, James Franco, and Andrew McCarthy? We’re actors who are also writers. You read that correctly, Andrew McCarthy is, in fact, a writer. He’s an award-winning travel writer. Check out some of his stuff on National Geographic Traveler. Now, I’m not talking about actors whoContinue reading “Taking Advantage of a “Career Lull”: Using My Words”

The Last Five Years…An Actress’s Reflection

Author’s Note: This was originally written on May 24, 2012, but it was never published on this blog. Word to wise about me: I’m not your “type.” I never will be. I don’t fit into a clear-cut mold of ethnicity, socioeconomic background or physicality. I’m myself. Accept that. Love it. Take me for who IContinue reading “The Last Five Years…An Actress’s Reflection”

I’m Not a __________…But I Can Play One: Writers-Novalyne Price & Robert E. Howard

Long before she won an Oscar for Cold Mountain and thanked Vincent D’Onofrio in her acceptance speech, Renée Zellweger worked with him on a little independent movie called The Whole Wide World (1996.) It was the movie she made right before her breakout role in Jerry McGuire and it was because Cameron Crowe saw thisContinue reading “I’m Not a __________…But I Can Play One: Writers-Novalyne Price & Robert E. Howard”